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Helenvale Violence Prevention

Recognising the South African Government’s development priority of violence prevention through urban renewal, the German Government has earmarked the allocation of EUR 5 million (approx. ZAR 47.5 million) to support the Helenvale Urban Renewal Programme (HURP), subject to the approval of BMZ, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, after a positive appraisal by KfW, the German Development Bank. Such an appraisal required the compilation of the required information in a programme proposal which is the final outcome of a Feasibility Study. The Matrix formed part of the Consulting Team who proposed a financial cooperation programme the objective of which would be to increase the safety of the residents, with special regard to the use of public space and schools, and the reduction of domestic violence. The proposed Programme combined three approaches: situational prevention by improvements which reduce the opportunities of crime and violence, social prevention by strengthening appropriate community initiatives and institutional prevention by facilitating the cooperation of competent institutions. Five components are proposed: 1) the improvement of public space, 2) violence prevention in schools in partnership with the community, 3) domestic violence prevention, and two areas which address root causes of violent behaviour: 4) the improvement of the housing situation and 5) the promotion of youth employment. In a workshop with representatives of the main stakeholders on 10th February the proposed Programme concept was discussed and validated. The Programme has tentatively been named Helenvale Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading (SPUU). The Programme will target various groups, including victims and perpetrators of violence, young people and children. Special emphasis will be put on vulnerable groups such as slow learners and school drop-outs, women and children, and on combating gender-related violence.

Project Facts

Client:Mandela Bay Development Agency
Location:Helenvale, Port Elizabeth
Date of Project:2013 – 2017
Design Team:Albrecht Herholdt, Riki Mey, Miles Hollins