The Matrix Urban Designers and Architects


The Matrix is experienced in developing large-scale visions on a strategic and practical level. The company is very strong in conceptual design and is very sensitive to identity and reinforcing the natural environment. The company has special expertise in the field of heritage and renovations and is registered with the Green Star Council. The Matrix has expanded substantially since its founding in 2001. It is now involved in large scale architectural projects and high profile urban design developments, including the upgrading and pedestrianisation of Govan Mbeki Avenue (the main street of Port Elizabeth) and major buildings for the SAPS. In addition, The Matrix gained valuable experience in housing, ranging from low-cost high-density housing, social housing and high-end residences. The Matrix is also very strong in graphic design and published a number of publications that it edited and produced.

The firm has a comprehensive knowledge of restoration of old buildings and was responsible for the writing of guidelines for the historic centers of many towns in the Eastern and Western Cape. The Matrix also developed a niche market for the administration and coordination of national and international architectural competitions.