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22 Lansdowne Place

Built in 1899 as a Masonic Temple, its redevelopment focused primarily on the spatial reinvention of the building with a contemporary extension at the rear.  The extension provides the necessary spatial link within the building, utilises an expansive layer of glass as a transient threshold which allows more light to filter into the building as well as encouraging a genuine sense of flow between internal and external spaces. This idea of spatial continuity was also playfully used in the design of the new kitchen and bathroom alterations: clad in corrugated sheet metal, this new addition abstractly defines a pop-out box container that appears to pierce the inside of the building while simultaneously framing the external courtyard. Within the Masonic temple, no windows were initially permitted in order to ensure absolute privacy, but four windows were installed, incorporating a unique central opening panel as well as a high-tech shutter system to monitor the degree of light allowed into the hall.

Project Facts

Value:R1 million
Location:Port Elizabeth
Awards:South African Institute of Archiects - Award of Merit 2010
Date of Project:2005
Design Team:Albrecht Herholdt, Neal Fisher, Tony Danev, Gianni Geminiani