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Architectural Conservation

ECIA Architectural Awards 2015 Citation: Architectural conservation is not often addressed as a current concern in print, even less so as an enduring contemporary architectural endeavour. That it has been possible to compile such a hefty tome devoted to the short period of full democracy in South Africa and have top knowledgeable experts contribute critical essays across a vast array of subjects related to matters of conservation is in itself a meritorious achievement. Bring all this material to print in an attractive format is commendable.

The book celebrates heritage architecture in South Africa since democracy in 1994.  Drastic changes in legislation brought South Africa more in line with the world’s best practices. 66 authors contributed to this compendium of 540 pages and 114 projects are presented, each one is independently evaluated by academics or fellow architects. The work of 67 practices responsible for these projects has been encapsulated. The projects are illustrated with hundreds of photographs, line drawings, plans, maps and critical texts. The book benchmarks the significant changes in heritage studies, policy and practice. The coverage is national and comprehensive. The contents are arranged geographically into chapters with six regions. Each chapter is preceded by an introduction and a focus area. The latter highlights the region’s most important urban preservation space. Topics covered include conservation, heritage legislation, competitions, historicist restorations and reconstruction, documentation, contemporary insertions and extensions, transformations and rehabilitation and urban conservation.

Project Facts

Location:Port Elizabeth
Awards:Eastern Cape Institute of Architects - Regional Award 2015
Date of Project:2014
Design Team:Albrecht Herholdt, Emily Stanwix