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Bus Rapid Transit Routes

The new Modal Interchanges for the Bus Rapid Transit system are distributed around the various nodes of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. At the Modal Interchange, commuters change over from the Feeder service (small bus or taxi for local collection) to the Trunk system (large buses, including articulated buses for express service). The trunk facility works on a pre-paid system which requires holding areas for commuters who are waiting for transport. All Modal Interchanges throughout the city have a similar character and architectural style. The buildings and roof structures designed for the Modal Interchanges express movement and are contemporary in nature. In total there will be four new Modal Interchanges in various locations: Uitenhage, Motherwell, Cleary Park and PE CBD.

Project Facts

Value:R50 million
Client:Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Location:Port Elizazeth
Date of Project:2009
Design Team:Albrecht Herholdt, Hedwig Allers