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House Bodemer 2018

The owners wanted to extend the entertainment area and make improvements to the Kitchen area.  This area is envisioned to open out to the existing courtyard areas and at the same time maximize the views onto the current tennis court which is at the moment, limited.  The extensive proposed overhangs over the new areas serve to shade the new glazed areas and necessary to achieve thermal performance and address energy efficiency compliance as per the current Local authority (NMBM) legislations.  The proposed roof will also not vary much in terms of height, than the current existing roof which is currently leaking internally over the existing ceilings and hence be addressed in the building phase. Their existing timber deck structure is not being utilized as it was poorly constructed by previous owners and will thus be removed.  The new wall area to be proposed remains consistent with the existing walls of the current entertainment area. The existing dwelling where the bedrooms and the garage will remain unaffected in the scope of building works. Careful planning of the glazed areas maintain relatively the same sight lines as what currently exists hence visual impact onto the neighbours is minimized and has been considered.  The entrance and foyer area will have some minor alterations to address current issues of wind channelling through the entrance, hence a wind lobby is proposed to alleviate the problem.  A further improvement will be the construction of more comfortable steps toward the entrance.


Project Facts

Client:Dr. Bodemer
Location:Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth
Date of Project:
Design Team:Marc Chong-Seng