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Parliament Street

Parliament Street has been earmarked as the entertainment precinct for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. In order to create a conducive public environment the street has been reconstructed in 2008. The initially wide roadways have been reduced to a one way road system. Further changes included widening of pavements to allow spill out of restaurants and coffee shops onto the sidewalks. Special street lighting with curved poles creates both a more intimate scale as well as a sense security. The street space has been softened through the planting of indigenous White Stinkwood trees (Celtis Africana). Most of the street furniture has been lined up to allow as much as possible free space for other uses. The overall objective of the treatment of the public space is to create uniformity in an understated manner. This allows for flexibility in the usage of space and variety in the building styles alongside.

Project Facts

Value:R10 million
Client:Mandela Bay Development Agency
Location:Port Elizazeth
Date of Project:2009
Design Team:Albrecht Herholdt, Hedwig Allers, Leslie van der Veen