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Pedestrianisation of Govan Mbeki Avenue

The old Main Street of Port Elizabeth has been reshaped in its original linear character and given back to pedestrians. The avenue has been refurbished as the pilot urban renewal project in the city. New traders’ kiosks, prominent street lighting and canopies have created a new image for the CBD. One of the objectives of this project is to activate the side streets leading to Govan Mbeki Avenue and improving the connection between the Donkin Reserve and the Avenue. Phase 1 of the redevelopment of Govan Mbeki Avenue was completed in December 2007. Phase 2 was completeed in 2010 and included the construction of public ablutions and a public escalator providing easy access between Chapel Street and Govan Mbeki Avenu.

Project Facts

Value:R75 million
Client:Mandela Bay Development Agency
Location:Port Elizazeth
Date of Project:2009
Design Team:Albrecht Herholdt, Hedwig Allers, Leslie van der Veen