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Urban Design and Architecture Guidelines for George

The Matrix... was appointed by the George Municipality (GM) to compile a set of Urban Design and Architectural Guidelines (UDAG) to complement the future of the built environment in all developed and developing parts of George. The UDAG was designed to assist building industry professionals, developers and individuals who intend developing land or altering or renovating existing buildings; as well as to act as a tool to assist the GM in assessing planning applications. The process of formulating the UDAG began with an Inventory, to understand the spatial characteristics of the city, as well as a desktop study of Underlying Policy Documents. This informed a Vision and a set of Principles for Future Development. From these Principles, a set of the Urban Design and Architecture Guidelines were developed. These Guidelines are presented in the form of a Questionnaire.

Project Facts

Client:George Municipality
Date of Project:2015
Design Team:Miles Hollins, Kirsten Tompson, Eric Gassenelwe, Dumisani Mdaka, Seth Pote